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Total Tenant Referencing offer referencing services designed to empower residential landlords with properties in England & Wales with the vital background information required for potential tenancies.

Our service is quick, easy, and comprehensive. Our references are conducted by Rent4sure, a specialist provider to the lettings industry, who are backed by years of experience.

Rent4sure conduct a full credit report analysis, obtain references from previous landlords, and assess the tenant's ability to pay the rent through multiple sources of income.

Total Tenant Referencing can also offer comprehensive Landlords Buildings & Contents Insurance. Rent4sure offer Rent Protection, Legal Expenses, and Tenants Liability Insurance.

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Our Systems

We've developed our references to provide private residential landlords with properties in England & Wales with all the necessary information required to assist them in making their decision on whether to proceed with a letting. Backed by years of experience, our services are robust and secure.


Online. Order checks instantly from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. No clumsy paper forms to print out and fax.


Easy. Our quick, easy and secure payment solution powered by Stripe, our PCI-compliant payment partner, means you fly through the order process, at no cost to your security.


Fast. Over 90% of our references are completed within just 48 hours. With everything online, you're updated instantly by email.


Robust. Our references are provided by Rent4sure, who check multiple sources of income for each tenant, including standard employed jobs, savings, investments, and more.


Mobile. Tenants can complete their references on the go. There's no need for you to print off any forms, or fuss around with unnecessary paperwork.


Secure. Both our system and processes are secure and backed by years of industry experience with property technology.

How To Order

It couldn't be easier to order your references. Simply fill out the form below with your tenants' details, and we'll get straight to work. Rent4sure will email your tenants a link to fill in their details online, at which point the referencing process will begin.

You'll receive an order confirmation email, and once Rent4sure complete your reference, they'll send you a comprehensive Final Report to assist you in making an informed decision as to how you would like to proceed.

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Our services are available direct to private residential landlords only.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some of the most frequently asked questions relating to our Tenant Referencing Services

What are the requirements to pass?

A tenant must earn 2.5 × their monthly rent share, and a guarantor must earn 3 × their monthly rent share, for us to deem them financially suitable for tenancy. A positive previous landlord reference must be obtained, and a credit score of 529 or above must be received from our credit referencing partners.

How long does it take to receive a report?

We aim to complete all references within two working days of receiving the completed application form from your tenants. Response times can vary depending on the availability and cooperation of referees.

Should I use your Final Report to make my decision?

Our Final Report should not be the only factor in your decision as to whether or not to offer a tenancy. Our reference captures a profile of the applicants' circumstances at a specific moment in time. We provide you with our assessment to help you make your final decision, in conjunction with your own checks on the applicants.

What do my tenants need to do?

When you place your order, we'll email your tenants a secure link to complete their details online. This takes place on Rent4sure's secure online platform. Once we have received their details, Rent4sure will begin conducting the reference. When the process is complete, you'll receive the applicant's Final Report.

When do I need a Guarantor?

If one of your tenants fails their reference, don't worry - with a suitable guarantor you may still decide they can occupy the property. We'll contact you if a tenant fails to give you a chance to reference their guarantor as well.

Who are Rent4sure?

We've partnered with Rent4sure Ltd to offer this service. Rent4sure are a specialist provider to the lettings industry, offering tenant referencing and insurance services. Rent4sure have been referencing since 2009, and are backed by an outstanding track record and thousands of trusted clients across England & Wales.

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